Jerk Chicken

Served with Rice & Peas, Plantains and Steamed Veg




Curry Oxtails


Curry Goat



Stew Beef

Served with Rice & Peas, Plantains and Steamed Veg


Red Snapper Fish


Brown Stew Chicken


Curry Chicken


Fried Chicken


Side Orders

Side of Oxtail


Side of Goat


Side of Chicken


Side of Plantains


Six Tasty Lunches for $10 & Under

Cheesesteak $7.54

Grilled Smoke Sausage $5.98

Beef Patty $4.16

Fresh Cut Fries $6.76

Big Beef Dog $5.98

Cocobread $3.12


After serving 20 years as a nurse while loving and taking care of everyone in my life was all I knew but everything came to a halt in February 2019 when the Monster arrived. The struggle only began when having to break the news to my family and my children. It hurt as much to watch my family's heart break as it did to receive the diagnosis. My spouse would often tell me, "THE BIGGEST FEAR IN LIFE IS HOW TO OVERCOME A MONSTER TURN FEAR INTO FAITH AND COME OUT VICTORIOUS," which gave me the willpower to fight for my life every day when I was battling cancer. Thank you for taking time out to read our story. Please come support us!!!